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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

April 8, 2010

HLC Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 8, 2010

3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Presidential Room, Maucker Union



  1. Welcome
  2. March 25, 2010 meeting notes
  3. Update on HLC Conference
    -Meeting with Bob Appleson
  4.  Update on marketing plan/deadlines
  5. Ideas for campus education in the fall
  6. Identify key groups/personnel to meet with team
  7.  For the good of the order

Present: Chatham-Carpenter, Cutter, Hays, Kaparthi, Licari, Martin, Morgan, Murtha, O’Connor, Patton, Pease, Uehle, Upah, Vinton


Absent:  Arthur, Buse, Hanish, Neibauer, Wilson


1. Welcome – Barbara


2.  March 25, 2010 meeting notes

The notes will stand as distributed.


3.  Update on HLC Annual Meeting

Barbara, Mike, Donna and Dr. Gibson will have dinner with our HLC liaison, Dr. Robert Appleson, on Sunday evening during the HLC Annual Meeting.  Committee members suggested the following questions be asked of Bob: 

  • What are his thoughts on the addendum?
  • What groups will the evaluation team meet with while on campus?
  • Who will make the schedule for the team – will we know before they arrive who they want to meet with?
  • Is there a standard set of committees/groups the team will want to meet with? (HLC Steering Committee, NISG, Faculty Senate, First-Year Council, etc.)
  • How deep do we have to go updating websites – faculty course sites?

Barbara and Mike will attend the self-study review fair so they can ask questions of other institutions that recently completed the accreditation process.  April suggested they talk with other institutions that have completed a customized self-study.


Donna suggested a small group could visit or conduct a conference call with an institution that was recently reaccredited to discuss their process and get tips for our visit.


4. Update on marketing plan/deadlines

An updated HLC Production/Communication Timeline was sent with the meeting agenda.  The report will be mailed to the evaluation team and will be posted on the web September 1.  We will start marketing to faculty, staff, and students in late September or early October. 


5. Ideas for campus education in the fall

  • executive summary that could be widely distributed
  • brochure
  • bookmarks
  • posters
  • mission statement on campus TV monitors and screens in computer labs
  • post photos of each evaluation team member with a short bio on the web so the campus community will recognize them
  • members of the steering committee could attend meetings of constituencies across campus to inform and prepare them for the team visit (P&S Council, Supervisory & Confidential Council, College Senates, Faculty Senates, RAs, etc.) 
  • need ways to reach staff outside of Academic Affairs such as Physical Plant employees
  • encourage faculty to talk about the visit in their classrooms
  • stories in the Northern Iowan
  • inform the Greek system
  • don’t forget commuter students
  • inform alumni
  • put information in bags at University Book & Supply
  • insert a short blurb into orientation this summer
  • sidewalk chalk
  • Student Ambassadors
  • President could mention at convocation
  • post flyers on kiosks around campus, on the Hill, in laundry rooms on- and off-campus

Donna asked if we could utilize a marketing or design class to help with the promotional pieces.  If we identify the faculty now this could be written into their course syllabus.  Question of timing – giving students this project in the fall might be too late.  Al felt that if students do this kind of project in the summer they are usually paid for their work.  Jim indicated that all marketing production (design, layout & printing) can be handled by his office. 


Mike thought a subcommittee could work on the marketing project. 


6. Identify key groups/personnel to meet with team

A point person for each group/committee should be identified.

  • First Year Council
  • Faculty Senate
  • HLC Steering Committee
  • P&S Council
  • Academic Affairs Council
  • Personnel leadership groups
  • LAC Coordinator and/or Committee
  • Council of Academic Department Heads
  • NISG
  • Will they want to talk with Board of Regents?
  • Will the team want to go off campus to visit Price Lab, UNI-CUE, NAIBL, the John Pappajohn Center?

7. For the good of the order

In the fall we can discuss more of the logistical aspects of the visit, i.e. staffing the resource room, providing runners, point people with cell phone numbers, etc.


The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 3:15 p.m. in the Presidential Room.