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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

February 4, 2009

HLC Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
3:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Presidential Room, Maucker Union
  1. Welcome - Bev
  2. January 21, 2009 meeting notes - Shirley
  3. FoE Dimension Reports:
    Philosophy – April & Jon
    Organization – Lyn Countryman & Lyn Redington
  4. Campus Update – Bev
  5. Sharing of Draft Reports – Bev
  6. SharePoint Update – Kate & Shirley
  7. For the good of the order
HLC Steering Committee

Meeting Notes
February 4, 2009– 3:15 p.m.

Presidential Room-Maucker Union

Present: Agee, Buse, Chatham-Carpenter, Cutter, Hanish, Hays, Kopper, Licari, Martin, Morgan, Neibauer, Patton, Pease, Uehle, Upah, Vinton, Wilson

Absent: Kaparthi, O’Connor, Murtha

Guest: Lyn Countryman

  1. Welcome – Bev
    Bev welcomed Lyn to the meeting with committee introductions.
  2. January 21, 2009 meeting notes – Shirley
    The notes will stand as distributed.
  3. FoE Dimension Reports
    April discussed the process of the dimension reports. As each report is completed, a notification email will be sent to the campus community asking for feedback. The reports will be placed on the FoE website and three sessions have been scheduled for feedback.

    1. Philosophy Dimension – April & Jon
      The Philosophy Dimension Committee members determined that UNI does not have an explicit statement regarding a philosophy for the first year experience. A philosophy statement was drafted and included in the report.
    2. Organization Dimension – Lyn Countryman
      Lyn provided an overview of the Organization Dimension Report and asked for feedback. Karen indicated she would like to see the Academic Learning Center included. April asked if it would be helpful to Lyn if Karen drafted a paragraph for inclusion – Karen agreed to do so.

    The committee gave Lyn several suggestions to consider.

  4. Campus Update - Bev
    Bev distributed a draft of a flyer designed by UMPR that will be used to update the campus community on the progress of the self-study including the FoE project. The flyer may be distributed several ways including sending hard copies or as an attachment to an announcement within UNIOnline.
  5. Sharing of Draft Reports - Bev
    A revised self-study timeline for Spring 2009 was distributed. Bev would like to have rough drafts presented to the committee during April before the final reports are due May 1. Therefore, the committee will start meeting once a week in April with chapter drafts presented each week.
  6. SharePoint Update – Kate & Shirley
    A SharePoint update will be provided at the next meeting.
  7. For the good of the order

The next meeting is scheduled for February 18, 3:15 p.m. in the Presidential Room.