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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

FoE and Reaccreditation

The University of Northern Iowa is beginning its next comprehensive evaluation for continued accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and has chosen to participate in a joint project between the HLC and the Policy Center on the First Year of College and create a customized self-study process. “The goal of such customization is to help a college or university integrate specific institutional commitments or projects directly into the processes for gaining continuing accreditation from the Commission” (HLC, As a focus of this process, UNI is partnering with the Policy Center to participate in FoE.

The FoE process is one important way that the HLC Accreditation self-study can help us work together towards positive institutional improvement and a reaccreditation process that is truly meaningful. It also provides us with an exciting way to explore the new HLC criteria and bring together, in a collaborative format, students, faculty and student affairs professionals.

The FoE project encourages us to implement a plan that offers a holistic approach to the academic and personal aspirations of our first year students and creates a solid foundation not only for the rest of their college years but for life-long success.