Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

How Students Can Help With The HLC Site Visit

TC saysOn November 8-10, a review team will be on campus to determine if UNI will be reaccredited.

The visit comes after a two-year self-study conducted by a committee made up of faculty, students, and staff. (See the study at www.uni.edu/accreditation/report.) The last visit by such a team was in 2001.


What does reaccreditation mean?

If UNI is not accredited:

  • You wouldn’t be able to get financial aid;
  • Your credits wouldn’t transfer to other accredited institutions;
  • You wouldn’t be accepted into graduate or professional schools;
  • Your degree wouldn’t be worth much more than a piece of paper.

Where do you fit into the team visit?

Students will have the opportunity to meet with the peer reviewers in an open forum on campus. Team members may also engage in informal conversations as they encounter students in the Union, Rod Library or across campus.


How can you help?
If you have the opportunity to visit with a review team member, be ready to share:

  • How UNI lives up to its mission:
    To provide transformative learning experiences that inspire students to embrace challenge, engage in critical inquiry and creative thought, and contribute to society.
  • What being a student at UNI has meant for you