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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

March 4, 2009

HLC Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
3:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Presidential Room, Maucker Union
  1. Welcome - Bev
  2. February 18, 2009 meeting notes – Bev
  3. Foundations of Excellence – April & Jon
    1. Faculty Dimension Report – David Schmid
    2. Learning Dimension Report – David Grant
  4. Committee Updates - all
  5. Cabinet Update - Bev
  6. For the good of the order
HLC Steering Committee

Meeting Notes
March 4, 2009 – 3:15 p.m.

Presidential Room-Maucker Union

Present: Arthur, Buse, Chatham-Carpenter, Cutter, Hanish, Kopper, Martin, Morgan, Murtha, O’Connor, Pease, Upah, Vinton, Wilson

Absent: Agee, Hays, Kaparthi, Licari, Neibauer, Patton, Uehle

Guest: David Grant, David Schmid

  1. Welcome – Bev
    Bev welcomed guests David Grant and David Schmid who are attending to present FoE reports on the Faculty Dimension (draft) and the Learning Dimension (final); everyone introduced themselves to the group
  2. FoE- Faculty Dimension Report – David Schmid
    • David summarized the findings and recommendations in the draft report. The committee will be meeting next week to discuss the feedback provided by Betsy Griffin, Policy Center Advisor and any provided by the Steering Committee.
    • Steering committee members posed several questions and offered input. A general discussion of issues surrounding a First Year Experience ensued.
    • Bev thanked David and his committee for their hard work.
  3. FoE – Learning Dimension Report – David Grant
    • David noted that his committee agreed that this dimension is a strength of UNI. There are many bright spots but connection between these programs and a meaningful structure is missing. David reviewed each of the indicators and highlighted recommendations, which have not been ranked or prioritized by the committee.
    • The Steering Committee members engaged in a discussion about various models of writing instruction that might be implemented.
    • Bev thanked David and his committee for their hard work.
  4. Steering Committee member reports
    A co-chair from each committee provided updates on their progress. The Committee will begin reviewing drafts at the April 1 meeting. Drafts should be provided to Shirley for distribution to the steering committee a week before the meeting it is scheduled for discussion. Beginning with the April 1 meeting, the committee will meet weekly during the remainder of the month.
  5. Coordinator’s Update – Bev
    Bev distributed the handout she had given to the Cabinet when she provided an update on Feb. 23. She reported that she emphasized the need to begin work on mission and vision statements soon. She has also met with most college senates, student groups and governing organizations to provide the same update. She still needs to meet with the P&S and Merit councils.
  6. For the good of the order
    There were no further points. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 1, 3:15 p.m. Presidential Room.