Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

QIP Messages

Friday, Feb 16, 2018

Final QIP Selection

Dear Colleagues,

The Academic Master Plan Steering Committee recently met to finalize a set of initiatives that fill out our academic strategic plan. The feedback provided during the Brown Bag Lunches in the spring semester was essential in developing these initiatives. We have not yet created a set of metrics, but will do so in conjunction with the University Strategic Plan. The current draft of the plan is available at the link below. I want to thank members of the committee for their dedication and commitment to advancing the vision of the University of Northern Iowa.

Additionally, I have received a great deal of feedback and input regarding the Quality Initiative Project (QIP). During the spring semester, I met with the Faculty Senate, Deans' Council, Academic Affairs Council, Student Affairs Leadership, Northern Iowa Student Government, the Professional and Scientific Council and the Executive Management Team. I also met with individuals who would be responsible for moving any initiative forward. 

After thoughtful review and hearing a great deal of consensus, the University of Northern Iowa will advance Community Engagement as its Quality Initiative Project, readying us for our reaccreditation visit in 2020-2021. Julianne Gassman has already convened a diverse group of individuals to consider how we can advance Community Engagement as part of our larger effort with and focus on Engaged Learning. We will consider whether this is the appropriate group to advance our QIP or if we need to add others to the group. Again, I want to thank the members of the Quality Initiative Project committee for their hard work on assisting in the selection of this initiative.

AA AMP Vision, Mission, Initiatives - 2nd Draft

Thank you for your patience as we collaboratively work through the completion of our Academic Master Plan and the decision regarding our Quality Initiative Project. If you have questions or suggestions about either, please let me know.

Awe & Wonder,


Academic Master Plan Steering Committee Members:

Kavita Dhanwada
Dan Power
Laura Terlip
Carolyn Hildebrandt
Chris Neuhaus
Patrick Pease
Tim Kidd
Kristin Woods
Deedee Heistad
John Fritch
Maureen Clayton
Stephanie Logan
Renae Beard
Amy Petersen

Quality Initiative Project Committee Members:

Kerri Clopton
Kavita Dhanwada
Xavier Escandell
Kristin Moser
Catherine Palczewski
Scott Peters
Jeffrey Stokes
Laura Strauss
Brian Townsend