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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Review

Appendix G: New degrees, majors, emphases within majors/minors, and minors as reflected in University Catalogs 2000-2002 through 2008-2010

New degrees, majors, emphases within majors/minors, and minors as reflected in University Catalogs 2000-2002 through 2008-2010


New Degrees Added

Master of Accounting

Master of Social Work

Professional Science Master’s


New Majors Added

B.A. - Real Estate

B.A. - Athletic Training

B.A.L.A. - Physical Education

B.A. - Biology: Microbiology Emphasis

B.A. - Earth Science: Interpretive Naturalist Emphasis

M.S. Chemistry

B.A. - Gerontology (Social Sciences Track and Long Term Care Track)

M.S. - Environmental Science/Technology/Health (addition of Health)

B.S. -  Bioinformatics Major

B.S. - Networking & System Administration

B.A. - Technology Education and Training Major - Training Option

B.A.T. - Social Science Major-Teaching (Plan B) All Social Science

M.A. - Philanthropy & Nonprofit Development

M.S. - Athletic Training

B.S. - Air Quality Major

M.A.E. Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments

P.S.M. - Major in Biotechnology

P.S.M. - Major in Ecosystem Management

B.A. – Major in Biochemistry

M.S. – Major in Technology


New Emphases Within Majors/Minors

B.A. - Health Promotion major (new emphasis: Global Health)

B.A. - Leisure Services major (four new emphases: Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, Youth Services, and Nonprofit Youth Administration)

English Minor - (two new options: Literary Studies and Film Studies)

M.A. English Major - (new emphasis - Creative Writing)

B.A. Health Promotion major (new option: Worksite)

Ed.D. - new intensive study area: Leisure, Youth and Human Services

Ed.D. - new intensive study area: Special Education

M.M. Major in Music Education (new specialization:  Schools and Curriculum)

B.A. Physical Education major (3 new emphases: Dance Education, Exercise Science, and Sport Psychology)

Special Education Minor-Teaching (2 new emphases: Instructional Strategist I:Mild/Moderate K-6 and Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate 7-12)

B.A. Biology major (new emphasis: Plant BioScience)

B.A. Geography major (new emphasis: Geographic Information Science)

B.A. Public Administration major (3 new focus areas: Economics & Finance, Community & Regional Development, and Human Resources)

M.A. Major in Technology (new emphasis: Environmental Technology)

Ed.D. Intensive Study Area in Community Health Education

Ed.D. Intensive Study Area in Rehabilitation Studies

M.A. Major in Physical Education (3 new focus areas: Public School, Postsecondary, and Sport and Exercise Psychology)

P.S.M. - Major in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

P.S.M. - Major in Industrial Mathematics - two options: Continuous Quality Improvement and Mathematical Computing & Modeling

P.S.M. - Major in Applied Physics

M.A. - Major in Criminology

B.A. Marketing major (new emphasis: Sales)


New Minors Added

Accounting Minor-Business

Real Estate Minor-Business

Financial Services Minor-Business

Natural History Interpretation

Literacy Education Minor-Teaching

Politics and Law

Severe Disability Minor-Teaching

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Portuguese Minor-Teaching

International Business

International Business (non-business majors)


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Finance Minor (for Business and Non-business majors)

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments